Madame Nostradamus, a witty little knitter…

Since I know there are some crafty people who read this:

Project Linus makes blankets for traumatized children from birth to 18 years of age. There are chapters all over the place, the website should tell you if there’s one near you.

Warm Up America! has been around for a while and is still going strong – and you don’t even have to make a whole blanket. Just a 7″x9″ square. You can donate as many squares as you want to be stiched together by their volunteers, or you can find a WUA! circle in your area and help stitch them yourself. If you’re local to this area, JoAnn’s does a WUA! stitch party every year. Watch their class calender.

And if you’d rather make something else like scarves or sweaters or chemo caps or socks or any of the endless things that people make out of yarn and donate,’s Charity Connection can hook you up. Local or national; you can search by area.

I’ve been listening to some coworkers in the break room having a conversation about gay/lesbianism, and their attitudes towards such people in general. I’ve always found it amusing and, I’ll admit, rather beneficial that when one is a quiet person, the rest of the population tends to forget that one has ears that work just fine. Not that the attitude was hostile; the general consensus seems to be “I don’t think anyone should be mistreated for their lifestyle, but if you ask me if I think it’s right, I’m going to say no.” It’s fascinating, though, to learn what assumptions people make about others, co-workers in particular. By and large, I think, most people see what they expect to see, and miss the subtleties.

And, nothing to do with anything, merely making my day better:

 Maria Callas in Norma: Casta Diva.

here and there

There is a cat asleep on my foot right now. She was nuzzling, and drifted off. Thought you’d all want to know that. (Lilly has fallen asleep on her back with her feet on a pillow and her head on my foot. Now Arthur comes in, plops down in the same pose, and meows expectantly. Pet me, please?)

She was on my lap earlier – a fact of which my allergies are still reminding me. Got to work today and was greeted with the lovely smell of floor stripping chemicals; it has not been a good day for my nose.

I’ve started making my very first quilt. It’s very simple, just little squares – 280 squares to be exact, my shoulders felt every one of them – but it should be big enough to fit on my bed when I’m through.

Craft Withdrawal

I’m sure that this time next week will be taken up by class assignments and maybe, if I manage it, a second job, but right now I have nowhere to be, nothing pressing to do, and I think if I don’t get some yarn or a sewing machine soon I will be in a very bad way. I think it’s a testament to how quickly I packed that I have an almost fully stocked sewing box and every crochet needle I own, but no yarn, material, or means with which to sew.

Didn’t even get my weekly dose of Dr. Who goodness, as it was snowing pretty heavily here last night. Bright, sunny day here now, but I can only imagine how cold it is…

I have my first Alexander Technique class today; anxious to see how that goes. I’ve only been trying to take this class for two years. 🙂

Opera rehearsals go well. Better than I expected, actually. So mark April 23-24 on your calender…unless you’re going to MTAC, unfortunately.