Music to My Ears

Attn bored fans of Dr. Who! (…and the music thereof)

I recently discovered a site called that appares to be, in essence, a big ol’ file-sharing site where one can upload one’s entire hard drive worth of music to share with the world at large – the catch being that there is no file downloading. Only file listening-to. You can use the search feature to search for artists, prticular songs, or to browse other people’s playlists.

I’ve created a Doctor Who playlist (which you should be able to find here) that includes, at the moment, the entire 2006 new series sound track, a few older variations of the theme song, and the two songs recently played in the Master story arc: Voo Doo Child, by Rogue Traders, and I Can’t Decide, by Scissor Sisters. (Unforunately, only a 30 second preview of I Can’t Decide is currently available. Alas.)

I really don’t feel comfortable leaving actual cd’s in my office overnight and Yahoo! Radio and I don’t always see eye to eye, so this is my alternative. I thought there might be others out there in occasionally boring office jobs who’d benefit, and so I pass it along. Consider this your Public Service Announcement of the day. 🙂