Potential Jubilation

My roomate — whose name is Khantessa, and whom I privately refer to as Khan, and occasionally Khaaaaaaan! — is moving to another dorm with a friend of hers. They have until Friday to be out of their repsective rooms.

Which means this one…is mine.

But maybe not permenantly. They could move someone else in. Hence the potential jubilation…

Campus Faery

The Housing Office decided to give me a housing assignment…charge me for it…and then not tell me where or what it was. Today was the last day to claim said assignment. Seeing as how the university is technically closed today and thus no one was in any sort office at which I might’ve just inquired about said assignment, my Clever Plan was to just go up to APSU and, starting at the dorms I requested, explain my situation to the RA, give her my name and student ID #, and hope for the best.

Got it on the first try.

I’m on the second floor in a corner room that’s strangely isolated. At the end of the hall, there’s a common room. Off the common room is my room. I share it with one other person at the moment, but it’s not a suite like the rest of the rooms in the hall, so I don’t have any neighbours to worry about and I’m not sharing a bathroom with three other women.

So, for the next four or five months, I’m taking up residence in Clarksville. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must re-pack all the laundry I just washed from the London trip..oy…