Morning on speed

I was thinking this morning on my drive to work how I had been able to get so much done yesterday that there was nothing really left for today in the way of on-going projects; the speed of my day is pretty much at the mercy of the volume of phone calls I get and the number of emails the secretaries send me.

Haven’t heard a peep out of the secretaries all morning, but the phones will not stop ringing. 

In other news…I have a dress. Er, well, I don’t have, per se, so much as I have decided on, but that’s close enough for me. It’s not going anywhere, so I’m waiting for a sale. And luckily enough, the place I’m getting it from does some pretty snazzy deals on tuxes with purchase of a dress. I guess caterer is next on the list. Anyone know a good caterer?

I’m wussing out of the belly dance performance in December. The class is beginner/intermediate and so moves at a faster pace that a straight beginner course, which is just a shade too fast for me. With all the extra coreography rehearsals Reischa’s holding, I could probably get it, but I really need my weekends for other things right now, and I’d rather not embarrass myself on stage anymore than I do usually.

Was reading on the faery-fashion lj group about a lady who went to the Cornish Faery Ball this past weekend – does that sound to anyone else like somesort of bizarre cheese-and-faery appetizer?