I could just eat you up.

“We’re used to three-layer cake from you…and you brought us a pop-tart.”

“Oh, no…it’s at least toaster struedel.”

Poetry seems to work best, for me, when I am invested enough to feel it and objective enough to laugh at it. But they were not wrong, and I must not write pop-tarts.

Unless of course I write some sort of poem about pastry, which maybe I will do now.

On the subject of food, someone had McDonald’s in class last night. I haven’t had fast food in a very long while and suddenly a Big Mac became, to my opinionated tummy, the most important thing in the world. So I grabbed one on the way home, and couldn’t eat it all. Sometimes the memory of a thing is better than the thing itself. (Except when it comes to French fries. Fries are never not great.)

On the subject of…things that are not food, but equally necessary to (my) life, I am in love with a song. Maybe you will be too.

kugel and latkes and brisket, oh my…

There’s a gaggle of Jewish women behind my desk having the most glorious food discussion. 🙂

Somehow it got out that Frances (our part-time person) makes really good chopped liver, and Dr. G just came swooning into the office to talk about it and find out what else she makes. I’m not even sure how to spell some of the ingredients, let alone what they’re used for or taste like, but the general ideas all sound yummy, if frighteningly cholesterol-inducing.

Ms Frances was raised in France, but her family is Jewish, so most of the food she makes is Jewish. She told us that she stopped making French food pretty quickly after she got married because her husband wouldn’t things like eggplant and boiled chicken.

Then Wanda jumped in…Wanda’s in her 60’s and has lived most of her life in Maryland and DC. Her boyfriend of the last year or two is a total Southern boy – everything made with grease, hot water cornbread, sweet tea, and so on. Every meal at her house is like a hostage negotiation these days, apparently. Her boyfriend said his momma would welcome her over any Saturday if she wanted to learn some good Southern recipes. Among the three of us, I’m the only one with a significant other who grew up eating the same food I did. 

So then there was a three-discussion between all of us about how we cook different things – Frances and her Jewish recipes, and Wanda and I having learned to cook on opposite sides of the Mason-Dixon line. We like to cook a lot of the same dishes, but none of them were exactly alike. Like stuffing, or sweet potato caserole (holiday food came up at some point). Forunately it’s lunch time, because now I’m starving!

Even if other things at work are…not as I would like, it’s heartening to have moments like this and realize that some things may have changed here over the last 18 months, but my enjoyment of my co-workers is not one of them.

It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas…

Just found out that there is some manner of holiday lunch here tomorrow – for which I should bring some food. It seems this is to be the opposite of the Thanksgiving lunch; there’s no turkey, no ham, no huge list of sides to bring, but finger foods, chips-and-dip, crackers, and stuff. So I’m going to make pimento cheese sandwiches and use a cookie cutter to make them tree-shaped, I think. 

I’ve also been working on Estelle’s stripey blanket and Jeanne’s hat (yeah, she’ll probably read this, but she asked for a hat, she ought to know she’s getting one…but she doesn’t get to know what colour or style, haha.), and I’m kinda in a crafty mood. I think I have one more crafty project up my sleeve..and it won’t get where it needs to go by Christmas, but that’s ok, it’ll just spread out the gifty fun. 

Meanwhile, every patient we have has decided they must talk to us before the holidays. Oy vey. Back to the phones.