Despite obvious cicumstances, I actually had a pretty great weekend. Got myself out of bed early on Saturday morning to take advantage of some sales and coupons at Kohls and managed to get my mom’s birthday gift and some Christmas shopping – plus one or two things for myself – such as a pair of pants that actually fit. What a novel concept. Yes, the juniors dept may have the cute emboidered jeans and pretty dress pants and such, but by hips are a little too wide and my backside a little too round to try to fit into clothes meant reed-slender 16-yr-olds anymore. Somehow I can’t see myself being too upset over that. 

Left there and went to see Sphinx at a craft bazaar in Hendersonville and ended up with even more Christmas shopping done. For those of you who didn’t get to see Sphinx’s masks in person, you missed out; the pictures really don’t do them justice at all.

From there, I went home. And half-napped on the couch. And had leftover Zaxby’s chicken followed by a large bowl of Ben&Jerry’s Dublin mudslide ice cream. Wasn’t in the best of moods at that point…

Taht afternoon, I walked over to David’s Bridal to meet my mother and take advantage of the sales – ordered my dress. We were able to get the bra,slip, veil, shoes and a pretty floral-themed tiara-thingy that day, but the dress was no longer there in my size, so we ordered it. I’ll post a link to the website picture of the dress, but actual pictures of me in it will have to wait about six weeks, possibly longer for altering.

Was out that evening doing..soemthing with John, slips my mind just what at the moment, but on a complete impulse we decided to go to Opry Mills to attack Tower while it’s in its death throes. I can’t resist a bookstore when there’s one nearby, so we dropped by Barnes and Noble too, and there was Sphinx again.  Was in a much better mood by then and feeling awake instead of moving in slow motion – not to mention were no longer surrounded by bazaar-shopping churchfolk – so we actually got to have a nice long talk. Don’t know how long it was, but John was nodding off in a cafe chair and the store was near to closing by the time we said goodbye; it was nice to be able to connect with someone like that again.

Oh, what a Christmas to…

Unforunately enough for me, I had to work today. And I do mean work; today was far busier than last Saturday. In fact, I ended up staying an hour longer than I had planned because. You see, we were short a person tonight, which left us with only one closing cutting counter person to clean up and put up the massive amount of signs for Monday. So I stayed to help.

We were short a person because last night, my co-worker Kelly committed suicide in her own home, in front of her husband.

Yes, I spent a few extra hours away from my loved ones today…but Kelly will never go home to her family again. Do yourself a favour this weekend: Don’t go shopping. Don’t rush out to see all the good Christmas sales. Don’t run those last minute,  life-or-death errands. Don’t focus in the million tiny things that stress you out and make you crazy. Find someone who means something to you, at least one person important in your life, and spend an hour. Just an hour.

Do it for yourself…for your loved ones…and for all those who thought they “didn’t have time” – and never will again.


Apparently I had a lot less cleaning to do than I thought. I’m almost to the point where I could start packing…except I think I’ll do that tomorrow. 

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited…and I guess I am .I mean, I’m looking forward to going, of course, but I’m not bouncing of walls like some people seem to expect me to be. There’s just too much to do. I still have to wrap some Christmas presents and clean my bathroom and pack, and there’s probably other things I can’t think of right off the top of my head. Later, when I’m on the plane, when there’s absolutely no more reason to worry or think or plan because it’s too late to do anything about what I might’ve left undone…then I’ll be bouncing. I’ll be freakin’ effervescent. But until then, all I can manage is subdued enthusiasm overlayed with immediate practicality.

Well. Off to find food, watch SVU, and paint something.

winter chill

Alone again, but the solitude it self-imposed and therefore far more welcome. This whole day, it’s been just one obstacle after another in the way of me getting things done; now I’ve got at least one project finally moving in the right direction.

Outside, there is chilly wind and persistent, icy rain. In here, I’ve got warm pajamas, Ghiradelli double chocolate cocoa with cream, a Lone Gunmen episode with commentary, and an embroidery project. Cue contented sigh.

That Thesis Paper? Due at the end of the week. Not finsihed. But wait! Before you condemn to the special hell reserved for procrastinators, it was left purposely – and only marginally – unfinished. I thrive on deadlines. The paper I turn in Friday will be so much better than it would be had I finished the thing weeks ago, like I could have, simply because of that last-minute adrenaline rush and surge of linguistic brilliance. Knowing this, I planned in advance to leave the bulk of my most important outline point and the final edit for this week. Rarrrr. I’m excited. 

(It should be noted that I am not always anywhere near this organized. Granted, I do wait till the last minute to write just about everything, and yes, they do, on average, turn out pretty great…but this is generally due just plain putting things off, not because I planned it that way. 🙂