….the rest of the story

So after the spifftacular email, I spent the rest of my day at work, which was surprisingly painless. We had a visit from the disctrict manager this morning — which means, while I was gone taking final exams, everyone else was busting butt cleaning the store for today. So I came in to a rather slow day (for a Friday) and a spotless store that I didn’t have to clean myself. Great for me, but less fun for all those who spent the last day-and-a-half scouring the store.  Sorry, guys.

For whatever reason, I craved pizza the entire day…and when I walked in the door at home, the first thing I saw in the kitchen is pizza. Either the universe really loves me today, or I share a slightly psychic bond with my mom. 

My money’s on the latter…

I think tonight I shall Make Lists. Is it strange that I find list-making a calm and soothing process? 🙂