I’m another year older and in a brand new place.

…which isn’t very far from the old place, but whatever, shutup, it’s still new. 

Turned 24, took the GRE, moved into a house. My first house. Our first house. Did it all in about a week. Hell, half of it I did in one day. Also saw several awesome movies, had a photo shoot experience (what a bizarre sort of hell, I will never mock a model again) and interviewed for a new job I may or may not want.

Very busy. Very behind. Very tired.

Very happy. 

PS, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes…very glad to have phone and internet to talk to people again.

If you like pina coladas…

Just waded my way back from lunch – I got caught in a downpour walking back from KFC. And, because I’m wearing sneakers and I am too short for pretty much every pair of pants in existence that isn’t built for children, I got make those ridiculously loud, water-meets-tile squelchy noises while trying to get to my office. There were doctors staring out of patient rooms at my shoes. 

I’m taking the GRE on my birthday this year. Eep.

Starting my graduate degree in literature next spring, circumstances willing. Double eep.