meine liede…

Cold. Coldcoldcold. The exam was supposed to last from 8-10; I was done before 9. Which is good, because it gave me time to realize I’d forgotten my thesis paper, panic, realize that I had numerous copies saved to my email and could easily print thing from any computer anywhere on campus and be fine, and nearly passed out from the wave of calm and relief that I would not have to drive home, get the thing, and come all the way back. Whew.

(What’s funny is that printing it here was my original plan anyway, I just printed yesterday because I thought it would make things easier. Ha.)

So now I have to wait around for an hour, go sing for a room full of professors, turn in the paper, and haul my frozen self home. Looking very much forward to Doctor Who and food with friends tonight. Someone mentioned a few weeks ago wanting to see a fifth doctor episode and I have been raving Peter Davison and his crazy cricket gear ever since.

Tummy is starting to remind me that I did not eat breakfast. Maybe I can dig up some cocoa along the way…

winter chill

Alone again, but the solitude it self-imposed and therefore far more welcome. This whole day, it’s been just one obstacle after another in the way of me getting things done; now I’ve got at least one project finally moving in the right direction.

Outside, there is┬áchilly wind and persistent, icy rain. In here, I’ve got warm pajamas, Ghiradelli double chocolate cocoa with cream, a Lone Gunmen episode with commentary, and an embroidery project. Cue contented sigh.