spreadin’ the literary love

I’ve started no less than four seperate posts in Word files, hoping for a few free minutes during the day with enough peace and lack of interruption for me to string two coherent thoughts together – hasn’t happened yet. So while I’m still valiantly struggling through those, I had to break for a moment just to tell you this because it’s too funny not to…

I started reading the Harry Potter series when the first movie was about a month away from theatre release. I ran pretty quickly through the first four – Prisoner of Azkaban had only just come out in hardback – and, after waiting and waiting and waiting, did the same with the fifth. It was probably some combination of the dark, angry tone of the fifth book and the two-year waiting period between the books, but…I didn’t launch myself right in to the sixth one. It sat on my shelf for several months before I finally picked it up.

And I still haven’t read the seventh one.

*pause for disbelieving gasps*

John starting reading the Harry Potter series sometime in early September, I think. (maybe August) Apparently he finished Book Six last night because I got an email this morning demanding that I find my copy of Deathly Hallows. (I misplaced it in shifting the library about…)

Despite starting this series six years later than me, he is still likely to finish it first. And if he hadn’t met me…I don’t thik he’d have started it in the first place. 🙂

I think I’ll give him His Dark Materials next. Or Ender’s Game. Ooh, probably Ender’s Game.

What about you all? What can I convince you to read? 🙂

Life is sweet – so am I. Damn mosquitos.


So, I have this really amazing fiancee. He’s an engineer. He’s also a toy collector. Lately we’ve been house-hunting together.** We’ve sat on his floor and, over dinner, talked about mortgage payments, monthly bills, finances…about cell phone calling plans and wedding budgeting and good public school systems for future kids. We’ve also sat on that same floor and, after dinner, played with Zoids and this really awesome Romulan warbird replica with lights and sound effects that I didn’t even know they ever made. He gets up early for his really long commute to Bowling Green and I get up slightly less early to drive my office assistant job in Nashville, and in the evenings we collapse on his couch and talk/vent/gush about our days…and then make dinner and watch anime, or Law and Order. Recently we made our way through every M. Night Shyamalan movie. Unbreakable is my new favourite.

I love the dichotomy of our lives. I love this man.

I’m home sick today; relentless sinus-y ick and bug-bite torture from Labour Day activities. Crawling around the woods is all fun and games till later when you’re sneezing, blowing your nose, and using every ounce of your self-control not to flay the skin from your itchy legs and back.

Heather found and charmed a turtle; even got it to come out of its shell. Trust AMbera to be there with the appropriate movie reference:  “We …haven’t…had..visitors……in..fooooouurthoooousnd yeeears.”

a life lived

So Friday, I’m sewing away, finishing the gypsy costume I decided at the last minute to throw together for KMF..only to find out the faire was cancelled. Damn.

Made the trip to Kentucky anyway, though, to see John’s friends Mike and Robin, and their impossbly adorable two-year old Wes. Oh, and Belle, the the ridiculously affectionate golden retriever. Can’t forget Belle – she won’t let you. Much fun was had, it was good to finally meet people I’d heard so much about. Robin is very, very pregnant right now and Wes, for reasons completely unknown to anyone but Wes himself, has taken to calling his new brother “baby Jack.”

No sooner were we back in town on Sunday than I ran off to rehearsal for the Harry Potter show various bits of KWP are doing for InConJunction up in Indianna this weekend. Good times swingin’ weapons at people.

Yesterday, I finally got to see the Thutmose III exhibit at the Frist. Amazing. If I could’ve fit the nearly 7-foot-tall statue of a seated Sehkmet under my shirt, it would be residing in my living room now. Alas.

Very very quiet fourth for me; I think I like it this way. Got up semi-early to go swimming and was surprised to find nobody else at all in the pool; much watery fun was had. Then later there the grilling of the hamburgers at my mom’s house, and I think now that my grandmother is petitioning to have John come over once a week to fix all the random things a household of women tends to be flummoxed by. (I think my mom could’ve figured out what was wrong with the grill eventually, but that blown lightbulb over the staircase was a real problem. The stairs were too narrow to support a ladder and we were all too short to reach it.)

There are various people and pets strewn about and napping now (funny sight to behold), and I think later there shall be chocolate chip cookies. After running around so much and having fun the last few days, I think I’ve earned the right to be a slug for an afternoon. Besides, tomorrow I start my last two days as an employee of JoAnn’s. Eep.


I was driving home tonight in the beautiul, beautiful weather with my windows down, listening to a retro 90’s radio show – their words, not mine, and oh, how it made me laugh to think that music from the 90’s is retro now – and the EMF song Unbelievable came on. I love driving to that song. Made me smile. And made me remember Heather, and how we both saw the movie Coyote Ugly – probably at Misty’s house – and came up with the brilliant if facetious idea that we should dig out some old pairs of Heather’s vinyl pants and go find ourselves a bar top to dance on. I loved – and still love – to think about that idea, because Heather’s the kind of girl who would do it in a heartbeat – and I’m the kind of girl who would seceretly want to do it, love do it, but never would…unless I were with someone like Heather. We never did go dancing, and certainly not on bar tops, but I still entertain the idea sometimes.

Stupid Girl up next, a song a learned to like courtesy of S, who introduced me to the band in highschool.  S was a lovely and insanely cool red-haired goddess, and my biggest high school crush. There were prettier girls. I didn’t want a pretty girl. I wanted S, who played volleyball and watched Buffy, and shared my love of good books, buttered popcorn, and Molly Ringwald movies. She had pale, freckled skin, pretty blue eyes, and bucketloads of nerdy rebel-girl cool. About the time I decided that I was firmly in crush territory, she decided to accidentally break my heart. And so it goes.

The music and the weather and the driving were the just the icing on the cake of a wonderful week. Details? Why, sure.

Monday: I went fabric shopping. No, stop laughing, I’m serious. I went to a fabric store on my vacation. Of course I also went to the post office and several antique malls as well; spent mass amounts of quality time with John’s mom, who is a pretty nifty lady. Also, there were Girl Scout cookies. (To whom it concerns, I have my very own box of Samoas now. I am eating one at the this very moment. Mmmm.

Teh shopping! My grandmother loves two things: shopping and me. Not necessarily in that order.  (And she loves other stuff too, but it’s not relevant to the story.) So, we went shopping. It was…terribly liberating. My grandmother is always after me to look nice and dress professional, and now that I’m a few scant months from entering a work environment that might require that, I’ve begun fine-tuning my wardrobe. I can work around dresscodes, but I can’t stand uniforms; I’m very attached to my clothes and what I can say with them. So, with the help of Kohl’s sale/clearance racks, I found three really nice outfits that are smart, office-appropriate…and terribly, terribly me. I love them all.  It was very heartening to do something fun and proactive, something to celebrate both my impending graduation and the fact that I will soon be free to seek tolerable employment. Also got the chance to talk to my grandmother a lot, which we don’t really have time for these days.

Greenways! Lots and lots o’ walking. It was such a great day for it. And later, friends and Chinese buffet.

I believe there was some sleeping in this day. And, um, some other stuff. Maybe? What the hell did I do Thursday?

Toured the Belle Meade Mansion for the first time since I was 9 or so. Still a beautiful place. And again with the warm, gorgeous weather. I broke out the bathing suit for a bit, to assist in the delicate and slightly damp process that is washing a Covette convertible. There was dinner and couch-lounging.

And then it was back to work for the weekend. Bleeeeh to the work. But it wasn’t so bad really. Tomorrow I take Lilly to get stitches removed, then it’s back to class for me, for a few more nose-to-the-grindstone weeks. I’m more than ready for it. My energy is amazingly renewed, and most of that has to do with all I have to look forward to, once I jump this these hurdles.