Abandon ship! Er, train.

In searching for websties on the Underground in various parts of Egnalnd, I came across this: Abandoned Tube Stations.

It’s precisely what it sounds like: a listing (oft-times with pictures!) of abandoned tube stations on the London Underground, where they were, why they closed, and where they are now. Pretty neat, especially some of the abandoned photos.

Two Days and counting..

I’m ready to come home!….and yet I’m not. I know, as soon as I’m back and have seen everyone I miss, and given out some spiffy presents, and hugged my cats within an inch of their lives, I will want to come right back. And maybe not stay in the bleedin’ city the whole time…but yes. I will want to come back. I miss it and I’m not even gone.

While I’m very tired and wish to sleep in my own bed and cook my own food and dive my own car and do my freaking laundry, I’m also sad that my time here is coming to an end for now. I’ve learned and discovered a lot of things…had one or two minor revelations…seen some amazing things..and, let’s face it, bought some really cool stuff. The foot-high model of the TARDIS complete with sound-effects among them. Also a bear dressed like Sherlock Holmes – that may be my favourite.


Bags are packed, re-packed, and double-checked; all systems are go. I feel very prepared. I’ve nothing else to do now but wait…maybe run one final errand…take a hot bath…have some warm tea…watch Serenity…and dye my hair blue.

Oh, yeah, did I mention that? I’m dying my hair turquoise before I leave tomorrow. The way I figure it, I’m about to embark on a small adventure that will never happen again, even if I someday return to London. It’s two whole weeks of freedom, a break away from everything normal and familiar. Why not take it farther, take the oppurtunity to do more things I might never get to do again? Because I, unfortunately, have to work for a living, and most places of employment these days frown upon blue-haired employees. To be honest…I really wanted to finally get my nose pierced before I left too. But I’m afraid if I get it and it can’t heal before I go, I’ll get some strange disease off in Furn Parts and it’ll get infected and my nose will fall off.
…actually, I just never found the time to grab Jeanne and go do it, but the disease thing sounds better.

My mother is thrilled about the hair, by the way. She liked my reasoning for doing it, but had one of her own: “That’s great! They can’t lose you in a crowd. If something should happen to go wrong, the police will find you quickly; ‘she has blue hair!'” 

My  mom, clearly, is awesome.

Drip drip drop, little april showers…

That subject line? Complete non-sequitur. Has nothing to do with anything except that the song is stuck in my head. 

You know, some things are just not worth my mental energy; blaming myself for stuff that couldn’t possibly be my fault is one of those things. I should recall that more often, or at least sooner than I usually do.

I had to fight not to be a total spaz today at work. It was slow and boring, at least for me, and it was all I could do not to grab a ball of yarn and some needles and go make a nest in the pillow form bins. I could’ve had a scarf by the end of the day, I bet. As it was, I think I made a fairly accurate packing list of clothes I want to take with me — sight unseen, no less. I would’ve gone to a busier department, but there were three people there and only one little me in my area, so they requested that I stay put. I did see a tiny dog today at work, though. In a little leather Harley jacket and antlers; reminded me of the dog from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. A bit of Dr Suess wisdom for you: Christmas is always within our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp.

“Give her everything she wants, and nothing she needs.” It’s the slogan from this year’s Victoria’s Secret commercials. Personally, I like getting things I need, saves me from having to buy it myself, but hey, if ‘things I don’t need’ translates to ‘cute, sexy underwear’ then what the hell, sign me up.


Apparently I had a lot less cleaning to do than I thought. I’m almost to the point where I could start packing…except I think I’ll do that tomorrow. 

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m excited…and I guess I am .I mean, I’m looking forward to going, of course, but I’m not bouncing of walls like some people seem to expect me to be. There’s just too much to do. I still have to wrap some Christmas presents and clean my bathroom and pack, and there’s probably other things I can’t think of right off the top of my head. Later, when I’m on the plane, when there’s absolutely no more reason to worry or think or plan because it’s too late to do anything about what I might’ve left undone…then I’ll be bouncing. I’ll be freakin’ effervescent. But until then, all I can manage is subdued enthusiasm overlayed with immediate practicality.

Well. Off to find food, watch SVU, and paint something.

say you’ll share with me…

Got an email from Dr. Wadia, one of the professors heading up the London trip, in which he told us both the final play we will be seeing (it wasn’t officially confirmed till now, so he wouldn’t tell us) and I figured out what I’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve.

Unfortunately, they were unable to get 33 tickets all on the same evening, so half of us will on Dec 3, the other half will go Dec 31.

So I will be seeing Phantom of the Opera on New Year’s Eve.

In London.

This is very possibly as perfect as life ever, ever gets.