Accidental Sandwich

To the person whose lunch I inadvertently wandered off with:

I am so very sorry. It was loud in there and I really thought the Roly Poly counter girl said my name. It wasn’t until I got all the way back to my office and sat down to eat that I realized I had your Thai cashew chicken wrap instead of my pesto chicken wrap. Incidentally, it’s wonderful (if a bit spicy) and not something I would ever have thought of ordering myself; I hope the situation turned out as nicely for you, poor person whose lunch I stole.

In my past two months of “radio silence,” I’ve been to two weddings, two ren faires, and more doctor appointments than I care to think about. Long story short, I hurt. A lot. All over the place. Since January.

And more medical stuff.

One of those days…


Yesterday my uncle got choked on some water. After several hours of intermittently coughing and sneezing up water, mom took him to the emergency room. Prognosis? Two-thirds of his esophagus was filled with hardened food and the doctor thinks it’s been building for longer than just yesterday, or this week. So unless he finds otherwise, no more food by mouth. Ever. We’re back to the feeding tube.

Also there’s fluid in his lungs. Mild pneumonia. He’s in the hospital till at least Monday, when they will do another chest x-ray and some blood cultures to determine if he can come home.

Good Friday

The tables were turned this morning: John got to stay snuggly and warm in the bed while I got up early, scraped ice off my car, and schlepped myself to work to get blood drawn. It’s amazing, I got the bloodwork done at 7:45 this morning, and I already have my restults back. Granted it was just cholesterol/metabolic stuff. My first every cholesterol test, I’m glad everything looks so good.

This cold weather is absolute madness, but I’m going to take advantage of it. Tonight we’re going to turn out the lights, make popcorn, don some comfy pajamas, and watch Something Wicked This Way Comes, which I’ve never seen. And tomorrow there is talk of pumpkin carving.

brain play

I have a headache. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it? 


Also, I had a really odd dream last night, when I finally managed to get to sleep. I say ‘odd’ because that sort of dream is pretty uncommon for me (although this time it’s easily understood), and the person my brain selected was so completely random.

And yet it wasn’t. I listened to Phantom of the Opera on my way to and from work yesterday, and passed by Blair on the way to my car. And from those two dissociated facts, my brain supplied itself with associated details. Fascinating. Neurolgy experts say that dreams are the way your brain reviews what happened to you during the day and processes all that information – that the brain waves you use during the day are repeated, after a fashion at night. But you can’t relive your entire day in just a few hours…maybe this is why the brain makes dreams, to consolidate all those disparate facts into one congealed reality?

Or maybe the brain just likes to entertain itself.