out in the wash

My head is still spinning, but I can breathe the air.

In celebration,

This one’s from RainbowWisher:

“Once you are tagged you MUST write a blog entry about your 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next six people to be tagged and list their names.”

I’m not one for tagging people; meme at your own voluntary risk.

1. I am a compulsive singer. If there’s a song/commercial jingle/any musical piece with words on that I know, I simply must sing it. Or hum it. Or mouth the words. I just have to.

2. I talk to myself. I hold conversations (sometimes with myself, sometimes imagining what other people would say) in my head, and occasionally they make it out of my mouth. It is incredibly embarrassing when that happens.

3. I talk to animals. I get this from my mother, who does it also. And I don’t mean, I talk to my pets, or make little noises at cute animals, I mean..well, here’s an example: We had this huge problem with Japanese beatles in our yard one year. We were changing beetle traps twice a day, the things were full and bulging. And they were eating our tomatoes. So one day my mom finds one on our porch and talks to it. “Ok, beetle. I’m sick of having to clean all these traps, and i’d like to eat at least one of my tomatoes. If you’ll stay out of my garden, I’ll stop putting up traps.” So she did. And we haven’t really had problems with the beetles since, though our neighbours are still changing beetle traps all the time.  She does the same thing with spiders…so I started doing that with the lady bugs who invaded my room.  And maybe it’s all psychological somehow, but I don’t have lady bugs on my windowsill anymore.

4. I hate breaking a silence. If I know the only sound in a room is going to be one I have to make, my heart rate soars and get a little sick to my stomach and I have to work very hard to control my breathing. This even happens when I’m alone.

5. When I cook, I can’t leave the kitchen till everything is clean. I don’t care if I’m starving and just made myself lunch, I won’t be able to enjoy if I know I have to clean the kitchen when I finish. This is made worse by the fact that I hate washing dishes. Over time, I’ve become very efficient at making as little a mess as possible and cleaning as I go.

6. I tend to space out when I’m talking on the phone. (To anyone who talks to me on the phone, I am so sorry if this happens.) I think it’s because my hands have nothing to do. My hands are perpetually in motion, otherwise.

And this one from pktheater
“Name five items or services with which you could be bribed. Money is the obvious example. After your answers ‘tag’ at least five people so that this will spread like a stinky wildfire.”

Again with the lack of tagging. But if you’re reading this, I’d be interested in seeing your answers.

You know, generally, just asking works. I don’t mind doing things for people. But if you really want to repay me…

1. Backrubs

2. To steal an answer from the person I stole the meme from, “Neat but Simple Gifts….Something small, something that fits your personality or my interests is nice.” For Christmas this year, someone gave me a big box of fabric scraps, ribbon, glitter, feathers…all kinds of craft stuff. For my birthday, I got bubblebath and glitter. (And once, glittery bubble bath!)

3. Strawberries. My favourite fruit. Good whole, good sliced, good with ice cream and cake, great in a daquairi, best with dark chocoalte fondue.

4. I love the opera. I rarely get to go. Enough said?  I don’t mind going alone, but going with a friend is better.

5. Flowers. A dozen roses, or a single gerber daisy, it’s equally special in my eyes. (Although I’m partial to lilies.) I love flowers, and I love getting flowers. I still have every flower I’ve ever been given, in one form or another.