I could just eat you up.

“We’re used to three-layer cake from you…and you brought us a pop-tart.”

“Oh, no…it’s at least toaster struedel.”

Poetry seems to work best, for me, when I am invested enough to feel it and objective enough to laugh at it. But they were not wrong, and I must not write pop-tarts.

Unless of course I write some sort of poem about pastry, which maybe I will do now.

On the subject of food, someone had McDonald’s in class last night. I haven’t had fast food in a very long while and suddenly a Big Mac became, to my opinionated tummy, the most important thing in the world. So I grabbed one on the way home, and couldn’t eat it all. Sometimes the memory of a thing is better than the thing itself. (Except when it comes to French fries. Fries are never not great.)

On the subject of…things that are not food, but equally necessary to (my) life, I am in love with a song. Maybe you will be too.

ensemble appreciation?

NBC’s newest reality show: Clash of the Choirs!

From the website: The robes come off Monday, December 17th 8/7c in a competition between 5 choirs assembled by their celebrity choir directors. Who will succeed? Which celebrity’s choir will gain bragging rights?

I’ll admit, I’m intrigued in spite of myself. Certainly not because it’s a reality show, and not even because of the competitive aspect – but because the choirs are mostly lead by stars who are, traditionally, solo singers. It’s one thing to know rhythm and music and to be a good vocalist in your own right, but to understand multi-part harmony and choral singing enough to get a decent sound from a roomfull of people is entirely something else. I’ll bet it’s a journey for the choir directors just as much as for the choir members themselves. For example, I know Michael Bolton has done lots of work with writing for, arranging for, and directing instrumental and vocal ensembles, but…Nick Lachey? Kelly Rowland? How well does singing with a smaller group like 98 Degrees or Destiny’s Child prepare you for actual conducting? I guess I’ll have the show to find out. 

I think curiousity is probably going to goad me into watching the series premiere, but what I’d really love to do is be a fly on the wall at those rehearsals.

Hear me now, o thou bleak and unbearable world…

This thing has been making me smile all day:


I have learned today that the theme montage from Return of the King still has the power to make me cry or laugh or both together, that Beethoven’s Pathetique can calm me instantly, and Rhapsody in Blue still reminds me of my freshman year of college and the intimidating-amazing (intimidazing? amazidating?) Dr. Wood. (All the first year theory students where teeeerrified of him and theory 2, but strangely, he’s not the ogre he appears; he once said that his greatest fear was the day his students learned what a pushover he really was.)

My music gets me through the day.

Well, that and adorable cyber-kittens.

Music to My Ears

Attn bored fans of Dr. Who! (…and the music thereof)

I recently discovered a site called IMeem.com that appares to be, in essence, a big ol’ file-sharing site where one can upload one’s entire hard drive worth of music to share with the world at large – the catch being that there is no file downloading. Only file listening-to. You can use the search feature to search for artists, prticular songs, or to browse other people’s playlists.

I’ve created a Doctor Who playlist (which you should be able to find here) that includes, at the moment, the entire 2006 new series sound track, a few older variations of the theme song, and the two songs recently played in the Master story arc: Voo Doo Child, by Rogue Traders, and I Can’t Decide, by Scissor Sisters. (Unforunately, only a 30 second preview of I Can’t Decide is currently available. Alas.)

I really don’t feel comfortable leaving actual cd’s in my office overnight and Yahoo! Radio and I don’t always see eye to eye, so this is my alternative. I thought there might be others out there in occasionally boring office jobs who’d benefit, and so I pass it along. Consider this your Public Service Announcement of the day. 🙂

personal bubble

{Lilly is hiding behind the computer monitor. I only know this because I can see her little white paws. )

Stayed up way too late last night, trying to soothe a headache that was threatening to either implode my brain, or re-enact that scene from Alien and send slimy creatures shooting out the front of my skull. Finally conqured it with some Dayquil (because if I’d taken the night-time variety at 2:30 in the morning, I’d have slept through class.)

Opera rehearsal today. I got there early and had the accompanist all to myself. I was going to wait for the others, but she advised me to take advantage of the individual coaching, since all the others had had the chance so sing alone, and I hadn’t. She said I had an absolutely scrumptious voice. I think I like that word…scrumptious. It feels yummy.

Turned my brain off today and went to the park and played on the swings till I got queasy, and now I am home. All the way, in Nashville, not the crazy dorm room half-way house. I have cats, fried chicken, and a whole blank evening ahead of me. It’s been a fuzzy, goose down-comforter of a day.

And I really needed it.