I wonder if she played an elf…


I took my wedding gown in to be fitted last night and had the privilege of meeting the world’s sweetest seamstress. She mentioned being impressed that I managed to get into all the underthings and the dress itself without any help and I told it was from a few years of wriggling in and out of crazy Ren faire clothing. So that started us talking about ren faires and how she hopes to take her grandaughter, who’s three, to the local one in a few years. She loves things like that, she said, always has; she used to play D&D with her children when they were small and she and her husband occasionally do some online gaming “because after 40 years, you have to do something new sometimes.” 

Wedding plans are marching onward..mostly down to the fun, detail-y stuff now. According to the little daily countdown that TheKnot.com keeps for me, there’s 65 days left. 65!!!

My grandmother has been going three times a week to wade in the indoor pool at the YMCA, hoping to help her hips and back. She says it’s working, which is great, but I’m also just glad she’s geting out of the house to do something new. And because she cant really drive herself, my mom has to go too, so she no longer has to try to steal work-out time from somewhere else. Apparently there’s a creepy locker-room lady with personal space issues, though. 0.0