new feline friend

So, I think I made a new friend last night. This adorable little black cat that I’ve seen around the neighbourhood came charging right up to me while I was out walking, sniffed my hands, and then decided I was ok to pet her. I sat down in the street and played with her for a while, until she decided chasing crickets would be more fun. But when I got up to head back towards the house, I noticed I had a shadow; I’ve decided to call her Eurydice, because she kept following me all the way home, only darting away when I looked back at her.

She followed me right up to the front porch and I even managed to coax her into my lap for a while before I had to go in and get to bed. Fortunately she didn’t show any signs of wanting to follow me inside, because I’m fairly certain she already belongs to one of our neighbours.

Nice to have a kitty to play with, even if she’s not mine.