and yet more fun

Things I have discovered I can no longer do without the aid of medication:

1. Wear a bra.
2. Wear underwear.
3. Wear a shirt with tight sleeves, a skirt/pants with a tight waistband/form-fitting clothes in
4. Sleep with head resting on my arms.
5. Sit on one of those big metal swings in the park. (Or any other hard surface.)

But the allegra seems to be working preventatively; won’t wait till I start itching to take it. I was already pretty bad off when I took the first dose and it took forever to work. And I may have to start taking Benadryl before bed on the weekends, because #4? Discovered that before I got out of bed this morning.

Other than that, not a bad weekend. Got to use a Border’s coupon and replace some books of mine that have dissapeared. And at Great Escape I found a huge King Arthur movie cardboard advertisement thing in amazing condition. I’m going to frame it and hang it somewhere near my bookshelves in the new house, wherever that ends up being.