a story for the ages

A friend of mine is teaching children in Japan right now, and today she posted an entertaing conversation between herself and a fellow teacher about their students’ puzzlement over Easter. It was too priceless, I had to share it. More people must know the story of Zombie Jesus and Ninja Christ.

We started talking about how discussing Easter with our students leads them to some very odd conclusions. I was explaining to my students about the holiday. They were all very freaked out about the Easter Bunny. (Partly my fault because I found a really scary pic of a guy in a bunny suit.) I explained about how Easter is celebrated by Christians because a man named Christ died and came back from the dead on this day. (Here Melissa’s students jumped to the conclusion that Jesus was a zombie). Mine on the other hand weren’t impressed. “What else made him special?” One boy asked. I was stumped, because I didn’t really know how to go into the whole ‘son of God’ thing in Japanese so I said he could walk on water.
The same boy gave a contemptuous snort. “Ninja can walk on water.” (They all know I am really fond of Naruto and dig me about it constantly). Then another boy decided to settle it by declaring, “Christ was a Ninja.” (I swear I am not making any of this up!)

So there you have it. One of the mysteries of the ages has been solved. Jesus was a ninja.

Melissa said that Ninja!Jesus and Zombie!Christ must one day do battle.