Wedding Rambles

I guess it’s a testament to our similar minds and why we’ve been friends so long that one of my dearest friends got married just to weeks before I will. I got the privilege of going to his wedding just this past Saturday and it was absolutely lovely: lots of fall colours and foliage and the most unique bridesmaid dresses I have ever, ever seen – they were dark green satin, gathered at the bodice, and they were strapless except for this embroidery-and-sequin strap thing that went from under the bodice, up over one shoulder, and down and around to the mid-back of the dress. The reception was held in the fellowship of a church, so Claire’s (the bride’s) aunts painted these fall-coloured, leafy backdrops to hang over the bland walls; it made such a cozy feeling. Everything was very simple, but very elegant – I see a lot of Claire’s hand in that; she’s a quiet, understated beauty herself.

I was the only person on Jared’s side of the room who wasn’t an immediate family member (aside from John, of course). To my knowledge, the only other non-family member invited was our friend Wendy – she was our third musketeer in highschool. When I asked Jared, he said he’d sent her an invitation, but never heard from her – so I had to laugh, because I, in fact, have heard from her and she’ll be at my wedding in a week. I told Jared to take it up with her there and bring his guilt-trip skills along. 🙂 (Though to be fair, she has a year-old child and a 2 hour drive to make.)

I was near the front of the room, but I knew the second that Claire stepped into view at the back because Jared teared up – and really, I can count on one hand the times I’ve seen Jared cry about anything, so how was I supposed to make it through that?  So Claire made her journey down the aisle, the ceremony started, and I spent the next few minutes very quietly making my mascara superfluous. I’m seriously worried now, though, because if I couldn’t make it through their vows dry-eyed, do I have a prayer of getting through my own? That’s my only worry now, though; after seeing how smoothly everything went and then talking to Claire’s best friend Beth about how crazy it was getting everything together, I think I can pretty much rest assured that everything won’t go perfectly, but it will just fine anyway. And the best lesson I got from Jared and Claire themselves: the only detail that really matters in the end is the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle. I’m thrilled to see them both so happy.

beware the small ranting faery..

The Good:

House! Hooooouuuuuuussseeee. *tinyhappydance* Since my friend Heather has been bugging me, pictures are forthcoming. We’re faily well settled in…still boxes everywhere, especially in the library because we have no book shelves, but it’s comfy and livable and very home.


John had two weeks of vacation and did practically nothing but move and clean out the apartment. I packed after work, and then took three days off last week – one for my birthday (Zoo! Red Lobster! Harry Potter!) and two for moving. That weekend we moved furniture and more boxes. (With brief-but-superfun Dave-n-Deanna interlude! Woo!)

And then…

I came back to work on Monday morning to find out I did not get a new job in my office (which is a good thing right now, I was pretty relieved even though I’d interviewed for it), but my coworker did.  I’ve been alone, on the phones, this entire week, will likely be so next week while they interview replacement people, and then two weeks more after that while said new person is in computer training. And even after just four days, it’s getting a little old knowing that I can’t get up to go pee without backing up the phone line.

So while yes, I am still riding the giddy high of going home to my shiny new house, at the moment I want to go home to said house and not. come. out.