catch-up post

It is a gorgeous, gorgeous day today; 57 degrees with sun after days of snow. If I hurt less, I’d want to be out there playing.

I haven’t posted in a while; haven’t felt much need to. But here’s the meantime happenings:

Last June, I went to this wonderful lady’s funeral. Her husband, who has been like a grandfather to me since birth, cried on my shoulder, told me he didn’t know what he was going to to without her. Last week we found out all the back pain he’s been having is actually cancer. Of a fairly progressed nature. WC’s particular trademark has always been to have at least one new joke every time one of us talks to him. My mom, grandmother, and I are amassing a stockpile of funny cards; we’re going to send him one or two a week until…well, until.

Last Thursday I had all my wisdom teeth removed. The surgery itself went swimingly; anethetics are lovely things, I never knew. The IV went into my hand, the world got very topsy turvy for about 30 seconds, and then then I have no memory of anything else till I was home and changing the gauze several hours later.  The jaw is still sore, but it never swelled and no dry sockets. I do however have several larger-than-I-usually-get mouth ulcers, a split lower lip, and very dry sinuses. Most of my pain, I think, has come from a bloody nose and sinus headaches. My goals of the moment are to get back to work and to be able to chew again. 

Speaking of work, I’ll be moving soon. The Neurology Clinic is splitting into three smaller clinics: general;headache and movement; sleep, epilepsy, and neuromuscular. I’ll be working in the last one. So instead of scheduling for and catering to the whims of 54 doctors, I will only have around 20 to deal with. There will only be two schedulers; me, and a new person they’ve not hired yet that I’ll have to train. Overall, I’m looking forward to it, especially working with the MDA.

Wedding plans are scooting right along. We have a caterer and photographer…a ceremony/reception location and tuxes…I guess the next few things are florist, officiant, and, oh yeah, maybe something for my bridesmaids to wear. Officiant is kinda where I’m stuck. My first, best choice has turned out to be an impossibility.

John and I are looking at houses..hoping to be moved by the end of July. Meep.

Going to see Billy Joel on Wednesday, and Flogging Molly in a month. Woo!